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Derric Johnson's

Key Note Speaking Seminars by topics



Cultivating Your Creativity: See it! Free it! Be it!

How do You Get to be a Dreamer?

How to Live with a Dreamer: (Debbie shares this one with me)

How to Unlock Your Dreams

Making Change a Choice

When it Comes to Dreams…There’s a Go, a Slow, and a Whoa



Developing the Leadership in You: Self-evaluation and Worth

Don’t Retire…Just Re-Wire and Re-Fire

How to Get Things Done when You’re Not in Charge: Moving the Dream up the Stream

How to Make a Team Work

How to Tell if You’ve Got What it Takes

How to Understand Your Congregation's Demographics: Assessing the Appetite of the Audience

In the Middle of Life there’s an “IF”: If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get out of the Boat

Life Lessons for Leaders

Lights! Camera! Worship!

Mentoring…Making the Most of Leading the Leaders: How to be What Someone was to You.

O…Yes You Can!

The Way we Word

Twenty Things I’ve Learned from the Mouse…That You can Use for the Master

Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Seven Attitude Choices



Conquering Ministry Burnout

Convincing your Pastor that your Dreams can Come True: Twelve Positive Concepts for Moving the Dream Upstream

Don’t be Afraid of the Clouds: Good Things Come from Hard Times

How Do You Know when it’s Time to Go?  To Cleave or to Leave

How to Tell a Spell-Binding Story : How to Discover, Develop, and Deliver Just the Right Story at Just the Right Moment with Just the Right Meaning

What do You do When you can’t see the Star? : Redefining God’s Will and Purpose

What the Assistant Expects of his Pastor..AND HOW TO TELL HIM

When You get Where You're going, will You Know Where You are? : Exposing 5 Contemporary Myths Concerning God’s Will



Eight ways to Inspire the Inspired

Excellence is Never an Accident

JUMP! The net will Appear

Winning is an Inside Job : The Magic of Attitude



A Moment in Time.. Or A Timeless Moment : Creating Meaningful Musical Encounters for Worship.

Auditioning and Placing Singers

Singing a Solo is More than Picking out a Song

Being a Choir Director is More than Picking out a Song

Building Your Own Vocal Orchestra : A Capella is Here to Stay.

Building Praise Teams and Ensembles

Choir is Back… and Here to Stay : Nine reasons Why.

Choral Clinic Topics

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Derric and Debbie Johnson

I'm interested in having Derric speak with my group!

Discovering the Velvet Sound : Vocal Arranging Techniques

Ensembles… Boon or Boom? Worship or Warship? : How to avoid the 5 big No-No’s.

Nine things you need to know about singing a Solo

Notes on Worship

Preparing a Sacred program for a Secular Audience

Preparing for a Personal Audition

Show Writing… Disney Style

The Artist and the Audience

The Great Escape : Choir Retreats.

The Role of the Vocal Ensemble/Mission and Ministry

The Song that is Scene : Production Tips

The Song that is Seen : A seminar for Soloists

Singing a Solo is More than Picking out a Song

Truth That is Felt : Moving from intellectual agreement to emotional involvement.



Anybody Can Be Somebody : Acts 3:1-4:4

Eight Ways to Inspire the Inspired

Nine things you need to know about Singing a Solo

Straying Child/Praying Mother… : Debbie.

Ten Ways to Shake out the Salt and Switch on the Light!

The Friendship Factor

Three Credos for Life : The Good Samaritan.

Working Your Way to the Bottom


What top leaders are saying about hiring Derric


“Derric Johnson has that gift that makes us think about things that we haven’t thought of before…but wish we had.”

Dr. John  Ed Mathison, Pastor Emeritus

Fraser Memorial United Methodist Church

Montgomery, Alabama


“Derric Johnson has more creative ability and communication skills and application stories in his little finger than most of us have in our whole beings.  That he is now putting these concepts into books is a boon to us all.”

John Maxwell, President The John Maxwell Company

Injoy Ministries


“Derric’s indefatigable energy, innovative planning and inspirational spirit along with compelling charm presents a multi-talented person…preacher, teacher, mentor, and author.”

Dr. Orval C. Butcher, Pastor Emeritus

Skyline Wesleyan Church

Lemon Grove, California


“Through the years, Walt Disney World Creative Entertainment has benefited from the talents of many Creative Consultants.  As I look back, Derric Johnson stands at the top of the list.  He has played a key creative role for us in a number of projects, and I would hate to think of not having him involved.  Derric is a leader, a motivator, communicator, a talented musician/arranger and a friend.”

Ron Logan, Former Senior Executive Vice President

Creative Entertainment

Walt Disney Attractions